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Change in eating habbits of people

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Food is a must for every body to keep health going. Vital nutrients and vitamins are required in saturated form and every person required to keep his health with moFst important thing in life. Those people who are health conscious never suffer in their life. Taking food from here and there and no care is taken to keep health as wealth. Food habbits among children are also on the same path, therefore there is much need of change in the food habits of children also, like over dependence towards packed and other made up foods will break the rhythm and will result in unnecessary habits put in routine. There is no need to reduce your food but control in the intake is necessary. The timings of the food as per normal course is one lunch, one breakfast and one dinner in the evening. Out of this regular food also if the food consists of valuable nutrients like fibre, fat and immunity boosters then there is no need to eat extra. The home made food is sufficient, even though for leisure people normally go and take lunch and dinner from outside. People have different choice and their choice somtimes becomes habits may be good or bad.

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