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Dosha and Chana Masala Curry

Updated: Jul 20, 2020


This delicious breakfast is well known for its nutritious value.  Kerala is well known for its quality of food items and the traditional food items are so delicious and this type of dosa is famous in North Kerala.  This Dosa and stew can easily prepare without too much efforts and ingredients. 


Preparation of Dosa Batter is very easy. Soak items at Sr.No.1 & 2 in 2 cups of water to completely soak the rice and fenugreek.  

In Mixer Grinder add all ingredients from 1 to 4 and also add prepared boiled rice -01 cup for preparing a smooth batter.  The batter should be some what loose and watery. The batter consistency to be maintained. Add salt in the batter as required. 

Preparation of Dosa :

Preparation of Dosa is easy, in a dosha tawa brush some oil and keep for warming in medium flame. The tawa should be heated properly. 

Take one full heavy duty measuring spoon and spread the batter on the dosa tawa and reverse it once and keep for another one minute and your Dosa is ready if it get golden brown then it will be more tasty use it with chutney/stew.

Chick peas’ stew :

Kala Chana - chick pea stew is a very special item to every Keralite.  Dosa is preferably served with chutney as well as Chana stew.  Chickpea - Chana is used as an important ingredient for making stews in India.  This has rich protein and vitamin values.  If the Chickpea - Chana is put in 1 cup water in the night and eat in the morning will gradually help increase muscle strength.   

How to prepare Chana Masala or Chick Pea Stew :-

Ingredients and preparation :

Ingredients required :

Name of Ingredient


Chickpeas - Chana 02 Cups

Water for Soaking 02 cups

Curry leave 05 leaves

Oil for tadka 02 Tbsp

Rai for tadka 01 Tbsp

Ingrediets for Making Paste

Tomato 01 No.

Onion 01 No.

Cashew Nut 05 Nos.

Grated Coconut 01 Cup

Jeera 02 Tbsp

Chilly Powder 01 Tbsp

Coriander Powder 02 Tbsp

Turmeric Powder 1/2 Tbsp

Salt As needed for boiling Chana, For making Paste and for Preparing Curry, use salt as needed Water 1 cup for Paste Making Water 02 Cups for preparing Curry.


Chickpea Stew - Chana Masala Curry preparation:

  1. Chana -02 cups to be soaked in a small steel vessel by adding 2 cups of water and the water should be above the level of chick peas to be kept in the previous day night.

  2. Clean the Chana in the morning and keep it for boiling in medium flame in a pressure cooker by adding 2 cups of water.

  3. The water boiled along with Chana will be used for preparing gravy of the Chana Masala.

  4. After boiling proper remove the pressure cooker from flame and keep it aside.

  5. Prepare a paste after mixing the following

  6. Tomato-01, Onion-01, Kaju(cashew nut), Grated Coconut-01 cup, Jeera-02 tbsp, chilly powder 1 tbsp, dhaniya (coriander) powder – 02 tbsp, haldi – ¼ tbsp, water – 01 cup(or as required) to be added to the Mixer Grinder to prepare a smooth paste. 

  7. Get ready a kadai along with 2 tbsp oil, add rai and curry leave-04 nos. in it and heat it in medium flame and add the above paste, stir properly till the oil come out of the paste.  

  8. Add the Chana along with its boiled water to the kadai and mix properly and boil for another 05-10 minutes for boiling.

  9. Add salt as required.

Your Chana stew is ready to use.  Use it along with Saada Dosha.

This is one of the favorite cuisines of Keralites, so hope you will prepare and enjoy.

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