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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

HOW TO PREPARE RICE BHAJIA Today's recipe is Rice Bhajia. Rice is a rich and nutritious food grain. Keralites always prefer to take rice at lunch and at Dinner.  We are using too much of rice as compared to other States in India.  The prepared rice is sometime left out and today I am preparing Rice Bhajia to the benefit of food lovers, who do not want to throw out the left out rice.  I think, on an average, a Kerala family eat some where around 10 Kg rice every month, this consumption is not applicable for all but this is my opinion and according to me and in my practice. This will change according to the number of family members, if the family have more members then there will be substantial increase in the use of rice and the above calculation will revise. In almost all States of India, rice is a prime food because they use it every day for lunch and dinner. If there is Roti(Chapati)then also, along with Roti (Chapati) some quantity of Rice is also required to make a complete meal. This is a an ever ending practice, there will not be any change in the food habits of people of India because our main farm crops are rice and wheat therefore the habit of using rice and wheat is almost equal and routine. Friends, today's recipe I bring to you is the best and most delicious Rice Bhajia. Method and ingredients Cooked rice-02 cups Jeera-02 tbsp Vegetable Oil - For Deep Fry. Maida -1/2 cup Chilli Powder -1/2 tbsp. 1/2 cup water for wet grinding  for preparing a thick batter. 

How to Prepare

Mix all of the above ingredients except the maida in a mixer grinder. Keep the batter for 5 minutes and add 1/2 cup of maida for consistency add water again as needed to make a thick batter. Mix well and there should be no bubbles. Use a Kadai to prepare the Rice Bhaji first heat it properly and add oil as required to get it fried.

Add one tbsp batter in the heated oil till the Bhajia becomes golden brown and also do it for left out batter. Your Rice Bhajia is now ready, use tissue paper to remove excess oil. Kids will love this Bhajia. Serve hot with tea.

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