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Travel to Kerala

Updated: May 6, 2021

Travelling to Kerala is a beautiful experience to anybody. Once a traveler travels to southern parts of India, he will definitely choose Kerala as one of the favorite destination.

Landscape of Kerala:

Landscape of Kerala is very beautiful and rich in view for scenic beauty as well as picturesque. The landscape of Kerala is filled with hills,mountains, low lying areas, beaches, everything you see in Kerala is very surprising. The people here will motivate you to come again and again.

How to reach :

There are many Airports in Kerala, main such Airports are Kozhikkodu, Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kochi directly and indirectly having flights from all over the world.

Local Travel :

After reaching Kerala you will get booking facility for cabs at the Airports itself, wherever you want to visit, you can book the cabs for local travelling in Kerala. There are chauffeur driven cars for travelers those who reach from abroad to visit Kerala. There are many good guides who will also guide you through the state to see multiple places.

Hotels :

There are good number of Hotels ranges from Indian Rupees One Thousand to Indian Rupees Fifty Thousand. The visitors can opt for Hotels of their choice and book it from or from any other Websites. All most all 3 star to 5 star Hotels have good residential facilities. The normal residential facilities ranges from AC Suite, Deluxe Room, Special Room, Room with 03 Bed, and the basic amenities' like Wi-fi, AC, Hot and Cold Water, Drinking Water, Toiletries, Towels and Napkins, Bar facility, Dining Room, are some of these amenities.

Hot Places :

There are many places people normally pay a visit during his travel to Kerala. Such places are separated from Districts to Districts and Villages to Villages in Kerala. Prime attractions are listed below:



Kochi is situated in Ernakulam District, which is a port city and also knows as Rani(Queen) of Arabian Sea. There are many small and big industries nearby also has a Shipyard and the city is very beautiful with its picturesque view. Kochi is well known for trading. Wellington Island and Chinavala is also situated nearby which are main attractions of this place. There are a number of Malls nearby which will help the visitors to buy essential items like Lulu Mall, Oberon Mall and Centre Square Mall. There is another attraction Cochin Shipyard, which is another tourist spot but people avoid due to procedures to enter inside the shipyard.


Moonnar is another destination in Kerala for travelers. This place has attractive hills, tea estates and mountains which gives the place a variety look. There are many shops and hotels for night stay.


Thekkady is away from Moonnar which is also another best destination where there is a forest area and a good water boating facility to look around the forest area. People mainly go here for boating purpose and taking beautiful photos. The place is very calm and peaceful. Staying here is not advisable therefore it is better to plan a return trip on the same day. There are many shops from one can buy spices of Kerala with less cost.


Periyar is another wonderful destination famous for scenic beauty the place is having an attractive lake and boating is the main attraction of visit, additional attractions are also available.


Malampuzha is a very attractive place to visit. Near to Malampuzha dam there are some gardens these gardens are well known as Kerala Garden. The visitors usually visit here to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place and the gardens nearby. The visitor will be get relaxed with the dam's beauty. Visitors has the choice of spending some precious time in the Garden also. It is situated near to Palakkad.


Bekkal Fort is situated on the northern part of the Kerala State. Nearby Kasaragod Town. Visitor can reach to Kannur Airport or Mangalore Airport (Karnataka State) and from there by hiring a cab and then go straight to Bekkal Fort. The driver of the cab or the google maps directions will guide you reach the precise location. When coming from Mangalore you have to pass Chandragiri River and for coming from Kannur Airport one can go to Kanhangad where you can take lunch or dinner from some good restaurant and thereafter take direct road and do not go on the National Highway. Thrikkanniyoor Temple is near to the Fort, so it is easy to get the directions and the place is situated on shores of Arabian Sea.


Kovalam beach is very famous beach in Kerala. Surrounded by hills on both the sides, this sea shore will give immense pleasure to visitors and the water is little bit bluish in colour and its charm is spread across Kerala. Those who visit Kerala usually visits three beaches they are Shankhumukham, Kadalundi and Kovalam. Kovalam beach has the facility for relaxation at nearby places and also there are centres for ayurvedic massages. Due to this massage one can feel afresh and the body will become toxic free.


Kanyakumari is another best place for tourists to visit. Kanyakumari is situated in Tamil Nadu State, even though it is situated very near to Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala therefore, tourist also prefer this place for one night stay. Many Hotels are available for night stay. This is very calm and beautiful place. Mind blowing beach beauty and the sun set viewable from Vivekanand Rock is also memorable experience to those who visit here. From Thiruvananthapuram the tourists can pick a cab to reach here.

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