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Veg Manchurian Very Very Tasty

Updated: Jul 6, 2020


Manchurian is a Recipe having good vitamins and quality proteins. It consists two types of vegetables mainly Cabbage and Carrot. Cabbage is rich for vitamin C and Vitamin K.  In the meanwhile Carrot has mainly included Vitamin A, K and B6.  As these two vegetables are vitamin rich the usage of these vegetables will reflect a positive effect to your health.  As always said health is wealth, so everybody may like to try this item.

How to Prepare Manchurian :-

Cut the vegetable - Cabbage into small pieces

Chop the vegetable - Carrot into tiny pieces

Add cornflower powder  and Maida into a dish and make a paste with Turmeric Powder half tbsp and mix both vegetables into a dish.

Prepare ball size gola of vegetables and cornflower mix and add salt as required and put it into a Tawa added with Refind Oil to fry in medium flame. Fry the ball size gola till it gets dark brown color.  Keep  the golas aside.

In another Tawa add oil and pieces of onion (Half Onion) and add vegetable stock(taken from above vegetables), ginger - 01 small(chopped), green chilli-01 no.(chopped), chilli sauce-01 tbsp, Mustard -01 tbsp, curry leaves - 05 nos. fry it till golden brown and add the cornflower powder and vegetable stock mixture, mix it well add golas(round shaped balls) into the Tawa and again mix, add little bit of salt to taste, add some soya sauce again mix it till all the loose water dry up inside the Manchurian (this is a dry Manchurian recipe) and sprinkle coriander leaves, if you want to make wet Manchurian, then do not dry up the loose water available in the Tawa in the form of cornflower and turmeric mixture and add the mixture in more quantity and prepare on low flame and keep aside and use it with Roti or Paratha as you wish.

Soya Sauce is an important ingredient for preparing Manchurian, those people having health problems use all the ingredients with care and if you like the recipe completely then only prepare it otherwise Soya Sauce has no other health implications.

As the vegetables used in Manchurian are fully filled with different vitamins, therefore, the Manchurian is a good recipe, you can prepare it once in a month. As it requires oil frying and usage of soya sauce health precaution is necessary.

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