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How to make kadha

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Kadha is now very famous and a needed solution to keep your body in good and healthy condition.

How to make kadha :

Kadha is a premium drink to relish the body and an immunity booster, the taste of gramboo and black pepper together with tulsi give you inner strength and nourish the throat.

When you take the Kadha your throat will be totally relaxed and take away itching conditions.

In order to make kadha for 4 persons water 2 full glass, 2 gramboos, 4 tulsi leaves, 4 black pepper mix in a small dish and grind and mix properly. Add it to boiling water and stir for some time after boiling in full flame keep it in a low flame for becoming the added water to half the quantity and remove it add some salt to taste and serve hot.

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