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Health Benefits of Paneer and Vegetables used:

Paneer is a common curry maker ingredient in India which also very beneficial for health. Without paneer a single day will not pass in Veg Restaurants. The taste of Paneer Masala curry is very wonderful. Once who taste it never give up. Other vegetables used in the preparation is also helpful for creating a healthy dietary supplement support to the users.

Negative results:

The masalas used in the curry may create health issues therefore, some specific users who is having acidic problems may avoid too much masalas, discretion of public is suggested. Otherwise the Paneer Masala Curry is best for health when used with Roti or Paratha or Boiled Rice.


Ingredients :


Onion Paste :

Tomato Paste:

Cashew Paste:

One Large Onion sliced into small

2 Medium sized tomatoes- chopped. One Ginger sliced. Garlic cloves 5-6 – cut into pieces or crush in a crushing bowl

10-15 cashew nuts to be drowned in water and keep for 10 -15 minutes

Other Ingredients for Final Preparation:

  1. 250 gms Paneer – cut to cube size.

  2. 02 tbsp oil for tadka

  3. Rai ½ tbsp. for tadka

  4. Curry leaves for tadka

  5. ¼ tbsp. turmeric powder

  6. ½ tbsp. red chilly powder

  7. 1 tbsp coriander powder

  8. ½ tbsp. garam masala powder

  9. 2 green chilleys cut into two pieces.

  10. Coriander leaves as required.

  11. Salt for taste

  12. Water 1 ½ cup

  13. Methi dana 04 nos.

  14. 1 tbsp milk cream


Method of Preparation


  • First prepare Cashew Paste: Take out the cashews from water and make thick paste.

  • Second prepare Tomato Paste : Grind the 2 tomatoes to thick paste.

  • Third prepare Onion Paste : Grind the Onion chopped along with ginger and garlic.

  • Fourth : In kadai add some oil and heat it up in medium flame add some Rai and Curry leaves also add ginger paste.

  • Then add Onion paste into it and steer properly till it gets golden brown add some salt for easy mixing of onion paste.

  • Add Masalas like Coriander powder, chilly powder and turmeric powder.

  • Add Cashew Paste and again stir well.

  • Add Tomato paste and again stir well till it properly cook.

  • Add one and half cup water to it and mix well.

  • Drop the Paneer cubes and cook well till the smell came out.

  • Add Garam Masala to it and stir properly.

  • Stir carefully without spoiling the paneer cubes.

  • Add coriander leaves and stir it again to mix properly.

  • Add milk cream one or two tbsp. for extra taste.

  • Use the Paneer Curry with Roti or Paratha or Rice.

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