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Steam Cake and Moong (Whole Green Gram)Curry


Ingredients : Steam Cake(Puttu)

  • Rice Powder or Sooji rava (not a nice powder) one and half cup

  • water for mixing rice powder

  • Coconut grated half cup

  • Salt for taste

How to prepare Puttu (Steam cake)

  • Puttu is a well known breakfast in Kerala, preparation of puttu will take five minutes including rice powder mixing with water.

  • mix the rice powder by adding some water, after mixing the water content in the puttu mix should be very less as too much water will spoil the puttu. Place the utensil with 2 cups of water below the steamer on medium flame and heat it properly.

  • Add some grated coconut inside the steamer first on the top of the net inside the steamer as first thin layer, then add some rice mix for about 1 and half inch and then again add grated coconut as second layer again add rice mix. repeat it four times minimum till reaching the top there should be some blank space to put the aluminum top. aluminum top should be fitted proeprly as well as the steamer should be fitted tightly. bake it for 5 minutes and the steam will come out from the top and not to come out from the middle. Take out the steamer only and let it cool, remove the puttu by pushing from the bottom side of the steamer and use it with moong curry.

  • Put making steamer is curved and cylindrical in nature below that one utensil.


Moong (Whole green gram) Curry :


  • 150 gms. Moong

  • water one and half cup.

  • Haldi Powder 1/4 tbsp

  • Salt 1/2tbsp or as required

  • grated coconunt - 1/2cup

  • green chilli - 03 nos.

  • onion - 01 no. sliced in to small dices

  • Garlic cloves - 05 Nos.

  • for tadka - oil - 2 tbsp, rai-1 tbsp, akka(whole) dry (red color) chilli -01 no. and curry leaf-05 nos,

How to Prepare:

  • Clean the Moong first and add the moong to the Cooker.

  • Place One Pressure cooker on medium flame removing top lid

  • To give tadka add oil first then heat it properly.

  • Add mustard to burst and

  • whole chilli by cross cutting it into small pieces.

  • Add curry leaf , green chillies sliced, onion pieces and garlic pieces.

  • Stir it for 2 to 3 minutes.

  • add one and half cup water.

  • add salt as required for taste

  • add turmeric powder to it and mix properly.

  • Place the Cooker lid and whistle.

  • Keep full flame and let the cooker give three or four whistles.

  • Keep the flame off and let it cook inside for 5 to 10 minutes remove the top whistle and then remove the top lid of the cooker carefully.

  • Check it whether cooked properly if not cooked boil it again by removing the lid and cook it for some time and stir it well to mix the moong curry.

  • Add some grated coconut to it and mix properly. moong curry is ready now.

  • use it with steam cake (puttu) or any other dishes like dosha, idly or with rice.


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