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Onion Bhajiya - Kantha Bhajiya


Ingredients for Kantha Bhajiya Recipe:

· Sliced Onions 4-5 medium size

· Gram Flour (Bhesan) 3 / 4 cup

· Salt for Taste

· Oil for frying

· Red Chilli Powder 1 ½ t spoon

· Turmeric Powder 1 /4 tspoon

· Cumin powder 1 /4 tspoon

· Coriander leaves 2 pellets

· Green chillies 2 nos.


How to prepare :

Put Onion slices in a bowl

Add gram flour and prepare a thick batter with Onion slices

Add other ingredients like

· salt for taste.

· Coriander leaves

· Red chilli powder

· Turmeric Powder

· Cumin Powder

· Sliced green chillies

Mix well and keep it aside

In a kadai pour oil and get it heated properly in medium flame.

Add the slices of onions mixed in batter with a tspoon

Deep fry till golden brown.

Serve Hot by sprinkling Chat Masala with evening tea.

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