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Bread Pakoda Recipe

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Bread Pakoda is a very tasty and easy making evening snack, too much ingredients are not required for its preparation.

Ingredients :

1. Bread -04 Nos. to cut into 02x4=8 pieces

2. Gram Flour (Bhesan)- one cup

3. Salt 1/2 tbsp or as per requirement.

4. Water -1/2 cup

5. Any vegetable Oil for frying - 1 cup

How to prepare Bread Pakoda :

Add one cup Gram Flour(Bhesan) in a Dish and pour 1/4 cup water and care for consistency and add 1/2 tbsp salt.

Mix it well till it make a thick batter.

Keep the prepared batter aside.

Take a Kadai and pour 1 cup oil and heat it properly.

After heating the oil, take the bread pieces one by one and dip fully into the Gram Flour Batter.

Fry the dipped bread pieces one by one in the heated oil in the Kadai and deep fry till it becomes brownish.

Take out and serve hot with chilly sauce. 

Please make it, it is very tasty.

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